Data Tape versus Hard Disk: Why you should convert to tape

The practically unheard-of tape backup is mounting a surprise comeback, here’s why…

Typically when you backup priceless data to your hard drives, be it family photos or vital projects, you expect it to last. However, hard drives are prone to a suite of electrical, mechanical and magnetic shortfallings, the average drive lasting less than five years. The same can be said of SSD storage. Prized for its speed and convenience, SSD’s overlook the fundamentals of reliable data-keeping. The storage device has been found to leak electrons or ‘critical data’ over an extended period, making it an ultimately unstable long-term solution.

Tape technology, crowned for its reliability, is the cream of the crop when it comes to backup data solutions. With error rates four to five times lower than those of hard drives, the cost-effective data solution is second to none when based on these principals.

Filmotion is one of the few production houses in Australia to offer tape-based backup for clients. We ensure that all our materials are backed up to tape and that a data library is retained, so we know exactly what is on each of them. According to Filmotion CEO, Fred El-Harris:

“We’ve had clients come back to us on multiple occasions to recover their failing hard drives, and in some instances, clients have lost both backups. Fortunately, we’ve been able to recover their data and recommend an alternative long-term solution that, in the correct conditions, is capable of storing data for up to 30 years.”

Many have turned to online storage as an alternate means of data-keeping. This method is problematic; online storage facilities can go bankrupt, and often your data can end up vulnerable, in the hands of someone else. Furthermore, big businesses such as Amazon are leaning into tape technologies, given its secure and durable nature. In summary, for large amounts of data, tape storage is the most cost-effective.

If you’d like to know more about our reliable and affordable data protection solutions, whether it’s to recover essential documents or to ensure the longevity of your family heirlooms, don’t hesitate to reach out.