documentary, production, sydney, filmotion
documentary, production, sydney, filmotion

We’re always looking for talented people who can be part of the series. If you have a facebook or youtube following we want to hear from you! click on the contact form on the left to apply!

The NEW series will not include ZYZZ‘s brother chestbrah possibly due to the fact he no longer walks in the shadow of his brother ZYZZ who passed away in Thailand.

We knew zyzz well before he exploded into youtube, and he was PUMPED! He had passion, determination and the ability to persue his goals. Filmotion were extremely close to securing a TV series with an Australian Broadcaster at the time. ZYZZ had guts.

We’ve never really wanted to replace ZYZZ with his brother chestbrah. But chestbrah wanted to continue his legacy.Unfortunately, the show’s popularity with networks hit rock bottom when it became obvious that the only way zyzz was going to make it on TV is if he was the headline (He had passed away)! Channel 10 news and other networks followed showing scenes of the roadtrip and linking Zyzz’s death to an diagnosed heart condition.

The essence of the road trip series was to have a bit of fun and raise health awareness. The national road trip is now charting NEW waters and is recruiting new talent. Time to keep the aesthetics up!!!

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Below is a trailer of the pilot episode:

This video production was produced originally as an online video for youtube. Because of its ongoing success on youtube we’re looking at continuing our production as a web series. More is yet to come on a weekly basis.