Virtual Reality

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Vivid 360 Homeless: A day in the life Filmotion has been involved in a variety of Virtual Reality Productions. Producer Fred El Harris was on a shoot for VIVID Sydney to document some of its stunning visuals with the crew from Untitled Film Works.  Fred was responsible for the setup of the [...]

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Optus Commercial – “Whale Song”

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This TVC was produced by award winning Sydney advertising agency MC Saatchi & Saatchi using footage supplied by David Ireland of Cronulla, and his post production facility Filmotion Productions, of Kogarah. The award nominated Optus TV commercial – Whale Song – included footage of a humpback whale surfacing and breaching to the sound [...]

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David Ireland – “The Real Croc Man”

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David Ireland is a world renowned wildlife film producers and is arguably one of the worlds most experienced wildlife presenters with 40 years experience in working with everything from lions and leopards to sharks and crocodiles. David Ireland is the “Original Crocodile Man” playing the lead roll in the wildlife documentary “Crocodile Man”. [...]

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3D Stereoscopic Production and Editing

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Filmotion is proud to announce the success of its first official 3D test shoot. The shoot was conducted in preparation for the up and coming “Wildlife Man” 3D series which will air later this year on Australian television. The series has managed to attract the likes of “Sky UK” and “Directv” and other networks across the globe [...]

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ABC documentary film released on Compass with flying colours

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Filmotion completed the factual documentary “By Compass and Quran” for ABC’s Compass program. The documentary explores the history of the Afghan Cameleers who came to Australia from the 1860’s through to the introduction of the motor car. It gives an insight into the extraordinary lives of these men who came from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and surrounding countries [...]

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